inconnuFace de Cuillère (Spoon Face)
by Lee Hall

directed by: Alain Batis
With Laetitia Poulalion

"They call her "spoon face"  because her head is round, like a reflection of a face on the back of a spoon. They say she is retarded. She tells about her passion for opera singers, about the separation of her parents, about the encounter with Doctor Bernstein... Her narrative is a hymn to life. Lee Hall, the stage designer of "Billy Elliot" and author of "Elvis' kitchen" has an exceptional talent to juggle with all the ingredients of a melodrama, without his story becoming melodramatic. Alchemy is in the work between Lee Hall the author and Fabrice Melquiot, the translator."

From Oct. 21 until Nov. 22, 2009
Wednesday to Saturday at 8:30pm
Sunday at 5:00pm

at Théâtre de l'Opprimé
78 rue du Charolais 75012 Paris
Metro : Reuilly Diderot, Dugommier, Gare de Lyon exit 9. Bus 29, stop Charles Bossut.

10 € instead of 16 €  from Oct. 21 until Nov. 8 (within the limits of available space)
Mandatory reservations at +33(0)1 43 40 44 44 or at +33(0)6 63 70 79 52 presenting Membership card of the Paris Yiddish Centre

In the framework of the Festival "An autumn to weave" , from Sept. 1 until Nov. 1, 2009
contesferroviairesThe Train of 7:40am
and other railway stories

Penetrated by Yiddish culture and klezmer music, this show of a musical tale is the most recent production of the French-Israeli musician and story-teller Alain Karpati.

In this one-man-show, he tells the humorous stories of Benjamin Wolff, a Jewish musician from Alsace, who worked at the Pullman Orient Express during a quarter of a century. Raising numerous questions about relationships between memory, perception and a quest for happiness, this "musical story" dares unclassifiable form.

For more information:,

From Oct. 27 until Nov. 1
Tuesday to Saturday at 7:00pm
Sunday at 4:00pm

at Théâtre de l'Epée de Bois
Route du Champ de Manœuvre 75012  Paris
Metro : Line 1 : Château de Vincennes, then Bus 112, stop Cartoucherie. - Parking : free at the Cartoucherie
The Théâtre de l'Epée de Bois does not provide any free shuttle service

9 € instead of 13 € (within the limits of available space).
Mandatory reservations at +33(0)1 48 05 57 05 or at
presenting Membership card of the Paris Yiddish Centre.

BesterquartetBester Quartet (former Cracow Klezmer Band)
in an exceptional performance in Paris

Monday Nov. 9 at 8:30pm
at Studio de l’Ermitage
8 rue de l’Ermitage 75020 PARIS
metro Jourdain or Ménilmontant

Reservations: FNAC, Studio de l’Ermitage and  Baba Yaga Tour
Infoline: +33(0)6 25 425 386

Long awaited return to France of the BESTER QUARTET, former CRACOW KLEZMER BAND, an incredible group from Krakow.
The "darling artists" of
John Zorn, a signature on the prestigious label TZADIK, they are a phenomena on the world musical stage.
The BESTER QUARTET invents a unique, breath taking music. 
After their multiple passages in the greatest festivals in France and more recently, after sharing the stage with David KRAKAUER and and exceptional encounter with the clarinetist Don BYRON, they make a stopover at Studio de l‘Ermitage on Monday, November 9 at 8:30pm.
Don't miss this event and come to the performance of this mythical group born in the heart of Kazimierz, the ancient Jewish quarter of Krakow. Their music, on the borders of jazz and chamber music, flirts with Slavic melodies and a klezmer past.

Samples at:
Group's Web site:
Last album: «Remembrance» (Tzadik / Orkhêstra)

12 € instead of 15 € (within the limits of available space).
Mandatory reservations 
presenting Membership card of the Paris Yiddish Centre at Baba Yaga Tour: specifying "reservation MCY" and providing your first and last names and number of tickets. A confirmation e-mail will be returned.

AFF_Tel_Aviv_petit_formatThe "Forum des images" presents

Tel-Aviv, the paradox
80 movies/guests/debates

A portrait of a city in images

Meet the great names of the Israeli cinema at the "Forum des images" on the occasion of screening of their movies, in most cases followed by a debate.

Find all information on the Web site
or download  the program . 

From Nov. 4 until Dec. 6

at the Forum des images 
Forum des Halles / Porte Saint-Eustache
2 rue du Cinéma 75001 Paris

4 € instead of 5 € for all shows (within the limits of available space).
Mandatory reservations presenting Membership card of the Paris Yiddish Centre

The "Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme" (Museum of Jewish History and Art) presents


image003Benya Krik

Film by Vladimir Vilner
(USSR, 1926, 90 min, silent)

Original music by Robin Harris.
Performed by David Bitelli, clarinet; Steve Chadwick, trumpet; Meg Hamilton, violin; Chris Hopkins, piano; Guy Schalom, drums; Paul Tkachenko, tuba; Richard Wigley, trombone; Tony Woods, saxophone alto
Under direction of Robin Harris

The "Tales of Odessa" by Isaac Babel are set in the Jewish underground of Odessa in the years 1920, where evolves the character Benya Krik, the "king of the underworld."
For him and for his friends, crime is a way of life, until erupts the Russian revolution of 1917.
In this movie, made in 1926, Vladimir Vilner depicts the different chapters of Babel's novel in a series of expressionist sequences. We follow Benya from the assassination of his second who betrayed him, to his sister's wedding and his joining the Bolsheviks once the revolution is on its way.

Robin Harris offers the movie a musical complement, served by seven musicians of the London klezmer stage, where the epic music encounters Jewish folklore, the great Russian classics and even oriental jazz. 

Sunday Nov. 8 at 4pm 

at the auditorium of the Museum
Hôtel de Saint-Aignan
71 rue du Temple 75003 Paris
Metro Rambuteau, Hôtel de Ville

10 € instead of 14 € (within the limits of available space).
Mandatory reservations presenting Membership card of the Paris Yiddish Centre

Photo_060Ben Zimet
and the New Yiddish Orchestra

Yiddish songs and tales

"Back from Africa"

With Maurice Delaistier, violin, guitar - Louis Derouin, double-bass - Michel Derouin, piano, accordion, drums.

Friday Nov. 13 and Saturday Nov. 14 at 8:30pm
Sunday Nov. 15 at 5pm.

at Théâtre de la Vieille Grille 
1 rue du Puits de l'Ermite 75005 Paris
Métro : Monge

 16 € instead of 20 € (within the limits of available space).
Mandatory reservations at +33(0)6 15 53 69 90, +33(0)9 52 69 65 41 or at the Théâtre de la Vieille Grille : +33(0)1 47 07 22 11 presenting Membership card of the Paris Yiddish Centre.
The reservation is confirmed the same day.

Festival of ancient Jewish music "Kol Haneshama"
organized by the Association of Friends of Jewish Music

From Nov. 15 until Nov. 29 in  Geneva (Switzerland)

Sunday Nov. 15 at 5pm: "Khagiga Yehudit"
Tender Love (Barcelona): Festive music of Jewish communities in Italy and Netherlands in the 17th and 18th centuries

Sunday Nov. 22 at 5pm: "Ayn naye lid"
Lucidarium (Geneva, Milano) : Ashkenazi prayers and secular songs at the down of the Yiddish culture - for the fist time in Switzerland!

Sunday Nov. 29at 5pm: "Me la amargates tú"
Me la amargates tú (Holland, Israel) : Judeo-Spanish songs, played with the Baroque and Renaissance instruments, the way it was done between the 15th and 17th centuries...

at the Cité Bleue 
46 avenue de Miremont, 1206 Geneva

For members of the Paris Yiddish Centre:
 20 € instead of 30 € for each show, 50 € instead of 80 € for a subscription to 3 shows (within the limits of available space).
Mandatory reservations at +41 22 344 64 09 or by e-mail to presenting Membership card of the Paris Yiddish Centre

krakauerDavid Krakauer / David Greilsammer
Clarinet / Piano

A Klezmer repertory by David Krakauer, clarinetist of great emotion  and joviality, and David Greilsammer, an audacious and imaginative artist.

Tuesday Nov. 24 at 9pm
Théâtre de l'Onde
8bis, avenue Louis Breguet
78140 Vélizy-Villacoublay

Tickets: 13 € et 9 € for below the age of 26 (within the limits of available space).
Mandatory reservation at the ticket office of the Théâtre de l'Onde presenting the printed Web page where the offer is mentioned, and Membership card of the Paris Yiddish Centre  when collecting the tickets

Théâtre de la vieille grille

1, rue Puits de l'Ermite 75005 PARIS

This  cabaret proposes regularly shows on Jewish themes. 

See the program

Tickets: 11 € instead of 16 €. (Attention: no preferential pricing for shows with tickets at 11€, nor for children's shows, priced at 10€ and 5€)

Mandatory reservations presenting Membership card of the Paris Yiddish Centre