Encounter with Annette Wieviorka and Jean-Charles Szurek
authors of the book Juifs et Polonais : 1939 - 2008. (Jews and Poles: 1939 - 2008)

17_mardis_histoire_Juifs_PolonaisLead by Natalie Levisalles, journalist at Libération

Tuesday, September 15 at 8:00pm

Restricted by the Communist ideology, the memory of the fate of Polish Jews was erased in the Polish consciousness until the years 1980. Recently this past re-emerged in the public debate. The discovery of the massacre of Jedwabne, a village in north-eastern Poland, where in July 1941 the Jewish population was assassinated by its Polish neighbors, sparked off a movement of introspection, comparable to the debate about the Vichy regime in France. 

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