01 février 2012

Book news

Simon Epstein, 1930 : une année dans l'histoire du peuple juif, éd. Stock.What was happening in the Jewish world before the Genocide? What were the ideologies, organizations, defense strategies? How did they see the future?To answer these questions, Simon Epstein, economist and historian living in Jerusalem, examines in depth, country by country, the political life of 1930.A new edition of The Joys of Yiddish -- Joies du yiddish –by Leo Rosten, éditions Calmann-Lévy. The volume contains the original drawings by Olivier Ranson,... [Lire la suite]
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05 juillet 2011

Bibliothèque Medem on line

The catalogue Rachel, through which one can consult the catalogues of the Bibliothèque Medem-Maison de la culture yiddish, the libraries of the AIU, Séminaire israélite de France, Musée d'art et d'histoire du judaïsme and the Centre français des musiques juives, can now be consulted from the Catalogue collectif de France (CCFR) de la Bibliothèque nationale.This will make it possible to increase the visibility of the collections of all the member libraries of Rachel, including that of the Maison de la culture yiddish-Bibliothèque... [Lire la suite]
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25 juin 2009

Recent acquisition

The Medem Library acquired recently a rare book: the Brenendike brikn (burning bridges), a beutiful anthology of poetry compiled by Ezre Korman, published in Berlin in 1923 by the yidisher literarisher farlag.  It contains  poems by joung yiddish writers living in Russia after the 1917 revolution, such as: Peretz Markish, Dovid Hofshteyn, Leyb Kvitko, Osher Shvartsman, Moyshe Broderzon, Esre Fininberg, Moyshe Kulbak, Kadye Molodovska, and others.The first edition of this antology was published earlier in Kiev under the title... [Lire la suite]
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27 mai 2009

Recent donation

Sara Amar offered the Medem Library books having belonged to her parents Jacov and Miryam Roth, who were faithful readers of the Library. It is a collection of 250 books in Yiddish, German, French and Lithuanian, concerning, among others, Jewish life in Lithuania. Among the titles that were not yet in our Library, there is a rare Yiddish-Esperanto dictionary, published in Warsaw in 1933 (see the illustration). Our thanks to her.
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