01 février 2012

A must!

  A MUST !           Thursday, 9 February at 20h30 Simon Epstein   In conjunction with the publication of his book 1930 : une année dans l'histoire du peuple juif (éditions Stock).       What were Jews doing before the Genocide? What were their ideological orientations, their community organizations, their defense strategies? How did they see the future?   To answer these questions, Simon Epstein has reconstituted with precision, country by country, the Jewish... [Lire la suite]
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01 février 2012

Talks and lectures on line

Encounter of October 20, 2011 : For the publication of his book Corpus Rothi (éd. Leo Scherr), Steven Sampson in a dialogue with Cécile Guilbert. Here. Round Table of November 15, 2011 : «En pologne, c’est-à-dire nulle part », led by Gilles Rozier with Talila, Jérémie Dres, Hélène Oppenheim-Gluckman and Daniel Oppenheim. Here.You can also hear or watch past episodes of the cycle "Writing the catastrophe” conceived by Cécile Wajsbrot. Meeting of April 6, 2011 : Cécile Wajsbrot read her text Vesuvius, followed by a dialogue with Gilles... [Lire la suite]
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27 octobre 2011

Literary Encounters

Writing the catastrophe, testimony and fiction Literary encounters organized by Cécile Wajsbrot as part of the Writers in Residence program in Ile-de-France.   Thursday November 10, 2011 - Laurence Werner Davidat 20h.As a parallel to the problems of identity explored in her novels, she is working on an essay on possible and impossible fictions in the face of collective catastrophes.   Price: 5 €. Members  3€. Philippe Forestat 20h.Whether in the Japan of Sarinagara or an exploration of the 20th century in ... [Lire la suite]
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27 octobre 2011

Round Table

In partnership with the Polish Institute in Paris.       “En Pologne, c'est-à-dire nulle part”Images of Poland for the second and third generation of immigrants.Tuesday November 15, 2011at 20 hTalila, singer and author with Franck Perryof Notre langue d’ intérieur, éditions Naïve.Jérémie Dres, Nous n’ irons pas voir AuschwitzFirst graphic novel, éditions Cambourakis.Hélène Oppenheim- Gluckman and Daniel Oppenheim,Héritiers de l’ exil et de la Shoah, éditions Eres.Moderator : Gilles Rozier,director of Bibliothèque... [Lire la suite]
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24 janvier 2011

Literary encounter

Encounter with Michelle Kahn about her book Le rabbin de Salonique (The Rabbi of Salonica)organized by Aki Estamos, the Association of Friends of the Sephardic Literature, in association with the Paris Yiddish Centre - Medem Library At the beginning of the twentieth century Salonica was a Jewish city that was called "The Jerusalem of the Balkans". On Shabbat, everything used to come to a halt. In 1941 Salonica was invaded by German tanks. In the spring of 1943, 45 000 people, out of a Jewish population of 50 000, were sent... [Lire la suite]
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05 août 2009


Around the book..."CITÉ D' ARTISTES – LA RUCHE",("City of Artists - La Ruche") by Sylvie Buisson and Martine Fresia.Sarurday October 10 at 2:30pmPublished for the exhibition "La Ruche – Cité des artistes 1902-2009" ("La Ruche - City of Artists 1902 - 2009") which took place in early 2009 in Evian, this book recalls the "village" in which lived several hundreds of artists. The history and the present reality of the "La Ruche", still at the upper end of the artistic... [Lire la suite]
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