Simon Epstein, 1930 : une année dans l'histoire du peuple juif, éd. Stock.
What was happening in the Jewish world before the Genocide? What were the ideologies, organizations, defense strategies? How did they see the future?
To answer these questions, Simon Epstein, economist and historian living in Jerusalem, examines in depth, country by country, the political life of 1930.

A new edition of The Joys of Yiddish -- Joies du yiddish –by Leo Rosten, éditions Calmann-Lévy. The volume contains the original drawings by Olivier Ranson, illustrator for Parisien-Ajourd'hui in France.
De Aleph-beis à Zeyde -- This glossary of astonishing characters straight out of the shtetl is a humorous look at the culture of Ashkenaz from the Borsht Belt to Krakow via the Rue des Rosiers, the Lower East Side, Jerusalem and the town of Chelm.

Zygmunt Klukowski, "Une telle monstruosité…" : journal d'un médecin polonais, 1939-1947, edited by Jean-Yves Potel, éditions Calmann-Lévy
"I was consumed with the passion to write down notes that would later (I already hoped) enable the world to reconstruct the amazing story of the region of Zamosc and of Poland.

Anne Gorouben, 100, boulevard du Montparnasse, éditions Les cahiers dessinés
The title address is that of a small apartment in Paris, just next to the café La Coupole. The story of two childhoods: that of a father who claimed that his was devoid of any “great dramas”, despite the fact that during the war he was hidden for two years in the country, feeling both guilty and abandoned; and that of a daughter who has “ all she needs to be happy” but who lives haunted by the story of a family some of whose members were deported, and others fled or hid or simply disappeared.
The book includes drawings by the author, each accompanied by a text.