The Maison de la culture yiddish is preparing an exhibition on the theme “Utopias of Yiddish”, scheduled to open on March 8, 2012. For this purpose we are seeking original documents concerning projects of   colonization or “back to the land” movements created by Jews in Eastern Europe:
— In the Soviet Union:  Crimea in the 1920s and 30s and Birobidjan from 1930 on
— In Palestine, with the kibbutz movement and its pre-figuration in the form of hakhsores (farms to prepare people for agriculture and collective life) in Poland and Lithuania
— In Argentina with the agricultural colonies created by the Baron de Hirsch
— The territorialist movement created by Israel Zangwill at the beginning of the 20th century
— The Frayland-lige, which envisaged Jewish colonization projects, in Yiddish, in Surinam, Australia and several other locations.

If you have any original documents (letters and postcards, photos, postage stamps or commemorative stamps, magazines, objects, leaflets or certificates of all sorts), and you are willing to lend them out for the time of the exhibition, please contact Gilles Rozier