05 juillet 2011

Music and singing workshops of the Paris Yiddish center

Sign up quickly! Still several openings available! For the ninth consecutive year, proposed by Estelle Hulack and Marthe DesrosièresKlezmer Paris-2011 > Jewish music from Central EuropeWorkshops in instrumental music , dance, nigunim, children and juniors (7 years and up)From Sunday July 3 to Friday July 8, 2011Around the central figure of Michael Alpert (singer and multi-instrumentalist, leader of the renaissance of klezmer music and Yiddish song), a team of top-ranking specialists will introduce you to or expand your knowledge... [Lire la suite]
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05 juillet 2011


Jewish Podolia > from Kiev to Odessa September 18 to 25, 2011 (8 days) An 8-day cultural tour from September 18 to 25 (8 days). As the final date for registration at MCY has passed, if you wish to sign up please call Valiske direct.  Download the program.  
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05 juillet 2011


Unless otherwise stated, these lectures, readings and other events will take place at the "Maison de la culture yiddish-Bibliothèque Medem"29, rue du Château d'Eau - Paris 10eTél : 01 47 00 14 00 / fax : 01 47 00 14 47Métro : République, Jacques Bonsergent, Château d'EauBus : 38, 39, 47, 56, 65For details of all our activities, please consult our brochure.
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05 juillet 2011


The workshop scheduled initially from 11 till 15 July 2011, was postponed in a date still indefinite.  
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05 juillet 2011

Lectures available on line

Cycle of literary encounters organized by Cécile Wajsbrot on the theme "Writing the catastrophe: testimony and fiction" The encounter of May 26 with Svetlana Alexievitch, in dialogue with Cécile Wajsbrot, can be heard here or seen here. The encounter of June 16 with Marcel Cohen, in dialogue with Cécile Wajsbrot, can be heard here, or seen here.Reminder of previous encounters:  - Cécile Wajbrot, April 6, 2011 (dialogue with Gilles Rozier).  Hear or see here , on the site remue.net. - Hélène Cixous, April 28,... [Lire la suite]
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05 juillet 2011

Bibliothèque Medem on line

The catalogue Rachel, through which one can consult the catalogues of the Bibliothèque Medem-Maison de la culture yiddish, the libraries of the AIU, Séminaire israélite de France, Musée d'art et d'histoire du judaïsme and the Centre français des musiques juives, can now be consulted from the Catalogue collectif de France (CCFR) de la Bibliothèque nationale.This will make it possible to increase the visibility of the collections of all the member libraries of Rachel, including that of the Maison de la culture yiddish-Bibliothèque... [Lire la suite]
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05 juillet 2011

News of our co-workers

This summer, staff members of the Paris yiddish center will be working all over the world. Yitskhok Niborski, along with Annick Prime-Margules, will be teaching at the Yiddish summer course in Brussels, from July 25 to August 5, 2011 (further information here). Natalia Krynicka will teach at the summer program of Yiddish language and culture in Vilnius from July 24 to August 19, 2011 (further information ici). Gilles Rozier, director of the Medem Library, is publishing on the net from June 27 to Sept. 25, 2011 Un été boulevard... [Lire la suite]
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05 juillet 2011

News of the project Judaica Europeana

Ten institutions involved in the preservation of the Jewish Heritage in Europe (Bibliothèque Medem, Bibliothèque de l’Alliance israélite universelle, London Jewish Museum, Jewish Museum of Athens, Library of Goethe University of Frankfurt-am-Main, British Library, Jewish Archives of Hungary, Culture Ministry of Italy, Jewish Historic Institute of Warsaw and the Research Center Amitié of Bologna) are participants in the project Judaica Europeana. This project is subsidized by the European Commission and coordinated by the European... [Lire la suite]
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05 juillet 2011

News of the Troim-Teater

Message from the Troïm-Teater troupe returning from Montreal We lived an exceptional event: ten days at the International Festival of Yiddish Theatre in Montreal. We were wonderfully received by all the members of the Festival team. We played twice  “dos groyse gevins”  (under the title The Lottery) in front of packed auditoriums and of an enthusiastic audience. It was a great success, according to the reactions of the spectators and theatre professionals.  We also participated in the French-speaking part of the... [Lire la suite]
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05 juillet 2011

Yiddish haynt

To listen again to the latest broadcasts of the program Yiddish haynt, produced by the Maison de la culture Yiddish on the station RCJ 94.8 FMMay 26, 2011: Gilles Rozier and his guest, the writer Henri Raczymow for his new book, Heinz, (Editions Gallimard). Here.June 23, 2011: Gilles Rozier talks with Evelyne Grumberg, in charge of publishing at the Editions Bibliothèque Medem, about the reprinting of the Yiddish-French dictionary by Yitskhok Niborski and Bernard Vaisbrot. Here.
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