To write on catastrophe
Testimony and fiction

Cycle of literary encounters proposed by Cécile Wajsbrot
within the framework of the Writers in Residence program in Ile-de-France

To reflect together on the following issues: the meaning of catastrophe, the discrepancy between testimony and fiction, do we grant fiction the right to deal with events that only a witness seems able to transmit? With the death camps as archetype, but referring to other catastrophes as well, even of lesser scope or impact -- all by means of literature. Each session will open with the reading of a text specially composed for the occasion, followed by a dialogue and discussion.

Jeudi 16 juin à 20h00
Marcel Cohen
"I have nothing to say. Only to show." Words of Walter Benjamin, emblematic of an itinerary in three parts - three volumes of Faits, detailed testimony on the century and its horror.

Encounter led by Cécile Wajsbrot.

Admission: 5 €.Members : 3 €.

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