When Paris sings and laughs like in Warsaw, in Lodz or in a shtetl!

Under artistic direction of Betty Reicher

With: Anne-Marie Adad, David Kurc, Lionel Miller and Betty Reicher, and Sylvain Durant at the piano.
Production: Albert Lipkowicz

Come to applaud our talented artists!  Listen to their songs, music and laugh to their vitsn.

Saturday March 26,  at 7:30pm 

Contribution: 15 €. Members: 12 €.
Mandatory reservations at +33(0)1 47 00 14 00

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There will be other performances!
If you are a professional, semi-professional or amateur artist and you wish to produce yourself on the stage of our Yiddish cabaret, please contact Betty Reicher at: bettyreicher@gmail.com