American filiations
Cycle of 5 conferences by Irène Wekstein & Martine Grinberg 

Wednesday Jan. 6 at 8:00pm

The history of Jewish literature in Eastern Europe was short. The writers who incarnated it during more than a century, both in its tradition and its blazing attempt at modernity, could not develop their talents.   
However, the voice did not die away. It speaks from a different continent, in a different language. It confronts different realities; it transforms itself, giving posterity to the Yiddish literature. The immigrants imported with them their cultural baggage and their creativity. If the first generation imported mainly the Yiddish into New York, the second one created an original artifact, both very American and very Jewish.

American Parables: from Rabbi Nachman to Bernard Malamud.

Contribution (per conference): 5 €. Members: 3 €.
For the cycle of 5 conferences: 20 €. Members: 12 €.

Reservations at the Paris Yiddish Centre +33(0)1 47 00 14 00