The Medem Library acquired recently a rare book: the Brenendike brikn (burning bridges), a beutiful anthology of poetry compiled by Ezre Korman, published in Berlin in 1923 by the yidisher literarisher farlag.  It contains  poems by joung yiddish writers living in Russia after the 1917 revolution, such as: Peretz Markish, Dovid Hofshteyn, Leyb Kvitko, Osher Shvartsman, Moyshe Broderzon, Esre Fininberg, Moyshe Kulbak, Kadye Molodovska, and others.
The first edition of this antology was published earlier in Kiev under the title In fayerdikn doyer (In the Flamboyant Duration). Yhe cover is designed by Issokher Ber Rybak.