July 6 to July 10 2009

Simuntaneous with a number of possible links, these four workshops of Jewish music from Estern Europe will be lead by artists of world reputation, such as David Krakauer, Shura Lipovsky, Jake Schulman-Ment, Efim Chorny, Polina Sheperd, Andreas Schmitges.

Klezmer Paris-2009 in details

Information and registration: call Estelle at +33 (0)1 47 00 14 00 or e-mail

In parallel with the workshops, numerous activities are open to the wide public 

Monday July 6, 2009
8:00pm: at the Paris Yiddish Centre

Meet the workshops participants and then join us in a conference around a drink: "Dance and klezmer music in the Ashkenazi culture".
"Az me shpilt, tantst men" says a Yiddish proverb (translation: since the music plays, let's dance). Nadia Dehan-Rotschild
will suggest an introduction to the subject by illustrating it with a numerous recordings from our sound-library. 

Do you know that you can hear on our premises over two thousands recordings not only of Yiddish songs and klezmer music, but also of literary texts, conferences and plays; we have recent CD's and also copies of old 78 rpm records, difficult to find nowadays?
Tickets: 10 €. Workshops participants: free. 

Tuesday July 7, 2009
6:15pm at the Paris Yiddish Centre
Conference around a drink: "Jewish music is back in the East" by Efim Chorny and Susan Ghergus.
An account of their unique experience, from the time of silence imposed by the Soviet regime in Moldavia to the creation of the "Theatre of Jewish Music" in Chisinau (Kishinev) in 1992.

Tickets: 5 €. Workshops participants: free.

8:00pm In the park of Buttes-Chaumont, at the music kiosk
Dancing under the direction of
Andreas Schmitges vith live music, then a jam-session.

Entrances: rues Manin, Botzaris or Crimée. Motro : Buttes-Chaumont or Botzaris (line 7 bis). Bus : 26, 48 60, 75

Open to all.

Wednesday July 8, 2009
6:15pm at the Paris Yiddish Centre
Conference around a drink: "New York in Yiddish songs" by par Eléonore Biezunski.
Those often forgotten pearls of music will make you travel across the New York neighbourhoods, from Lower East Site to Coney Island, following the wanderings of their inhabitants and their imagination. The "New York City in Yiddish songs" is a cartography in time and space, an innovative research in urban geography.
Tickets: 5 €. Workshops participants: free. 

8:00pm  at the Paris Yiddish Centre
Screening of the movie "Persévère mon fils, persévère" by Deborah Van Dam (52mn - Dutch, English sub-titles).
An emotional journey into his family history enables the composer Jeff Hambourg (born in New York City, now living in Amsterdam) to create a great new work, about research, remembrance and return to one's roots. Jeff Hambourg draws on Yakov Gladstein's poem "Biografye" to produce a magnificent piece of music, interpreted entirely in the movie by five artists, including Shura Lipowsky. 
Tickets: 5 €. Workshops participants: free.

Thursday July 9, 2009
6:15pm at the Paris Yiddish Centre
Conference around a drink: "Radical Jewish culture" by Gabriel Siancas and Mathias Dreyfuss, in the presence of David Krakauer.
In the foaming New York City of the years 1980 and 1990 eighties and the nineties, artists – musicians, poets, video producers – take hold of the political, intellectual and cultural Jewish heritage which was thriving in the past, and of which the remnants tent do slowly disappear in the changing landscape of the city.   A "new stage" is born, of which the collection "Radical Jewish Culture" under the label of "Tzadik" (created by John Zorn in 1995) is considered to be a standard-bearer.
Tickets: 5 €. Workshops participants: free.

8:00pm at the bar "Les Pères Populaires"
Musical journey into the Klezmer country with
Sanne Möricke (accordion), Jake Shulman-Ment (violin), and Michael Winograd
(clarinet), followed by a jam session.
46, rue de Buzenval - 75020 Paris - Metro: Buzenval (line 9). Bus: 57, 501
No entrance fee, suggested minimal contribution of 5 . Open to all. 

Friday July 10, 2009

7:30pm at the "Passage vers les Étoiles"
17, Cité Joly – 75011 PARIS (Metro: Père-Lachaise (line 3). Bus: 61, 69 (stops: Folie Régnault ou Chemin Vert).
Tickets: Paris Yiddish Centre.

Organizers and participants of the workshop "KLEZMER -PARIS 2009" invite you to a festive cabaret evening, during which you will hear music played by klezmer stars, you will dance, you will sing Yiddish songs and you will speak Yiddish and quite a few other languages. 

Marthe DESROSIERES (France) – "Cocktail Mazel Tov"  - musical coordination, flute, activities for children;
Shura LIPOVSKY (Neatherlands) – "Serendipity 4"  - management of the song workshop, songs, dance;
David KRAKAUER (USA) –  "Klezmer Madness"  - clarinet;
Efim CHORNY and Susan GHERGUS (Moldova) –  "Klezmer Alliance"  - songs, piano;
Polina SHEPHERD (UK) – "Ashkenazim"  - choir, piano;
Sanne MÖRICKE (Germany) –  "Khupe"  - accordion;
Jake SHULMAN-MENT (USA) – "Art Bailey’s Orkestra Polilar"  - violin;
Michael WINOGRAD (USA) –  "Khevre" - clarinet;
Andreas SCHMITGES (Germany) –  "A tickle in the heart"  - dance;
Noëmi WAYSFELD (France) –  "Blik"  - musicals for children;
Graham GUIT (France) – movie-maker, activities for children;
Alexis KUNE and Samuel MAQUIN (France) –  "Les Mentsh"  - accordion and clarinet;
Charles RAPPOPORT (France) –  "Klezmerkaos"  - violin;
their assistants, their students.

Tickets: 25 - including drinks. Workshop participants: free. Every participant can buy one 15 € ticket for a friend or family (additional tickets at the regular price of 25 €).


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