In Paris, four level of classes, practical work, workshops

July 13 - 31, 2009

The participants of this summer university come from over ten different countries. It is an exceptional opportunity to use Yiddish as a communication language between students, teachers and organizers. 

The Summer University is sponsored by the Rothschild Europe Foundation, the Institut  Alain de Rothschild and the Rachel Ajzen  and Léon Iagolnitzer Foundation, under the aegis of the Fondation de France.

Four levels of language instruction, from 9:15am to 12:45pm, Monday to Friday:

> Beginners, medium, advanced, literature seminars.
> Practical work in the afternoons, three times a week.

Cultural activities:
> afternoons: song workshops, theatre workshops, conversation.
> evenings: movies, conferences, friendly encounters (see program below).

Pedagogical team under the leadership of Yitskhok Niborski :
Sharon Bar-Kochva (Paris Yiddish Centre), Khayele Beer (University College, London), Natalia Krynicka (Paris Yiddish Centre), Rubye Monet (Paris Yiddish Centre), Yitskhok Niborski (Inalco, Paris), Sonia Pinkusowicz-Dratwa (Institut Martin Buber, Brussels), Annick Prime-Margulis (Paris Yiddish Centre), Gilles Rozier (Paris Yiddish Centre).

Program available here
Information and registration at +33 (0)1 47 00 14 00 or by e-mail

Within the framework of the 6th Summer University of Yiddish Language and Literature:

> the following activities are free of charge for registered students of the Summer University and at an indicated price for those, who are not.

Wednesday july 15, at 8:00pm
Conference illustrated by songs, in Yiddish and French
Treasures of Yiddish Music
by Nadia Déhan-Rotschild
Theme: Warsaw in Yiddish songs
Tickets: 5 €. Members: 3 €.

Thursday July 16 at 8:00pm
Der vilner shtot-khazn
by Max Nosseck, USA / 1939 / B&W/ 85 mn / Yiddish, English sub-titles
A cantor from Vilna becomes a singer at the Warsaw Opera.
Tickets: 6 €. Members: 4 €.

Friday July 17 at 2:00pm
Conference in French
Jews of Poland in the years 1930
as seen in the newspapers Haynt and Folkstsaytung
by Simon Epstein, from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
Tickets: 5 €. Members: 3 €.

Tuesday July 21 at 2:00pm
Documentary movie
Der Luftmentsh
by Mariette Feltin, France / 2006 / color/ 52 mn
Rafaël Goldwaser, the founder of the Luft Teater in Strasbourg and the leader of the theatre workshop at this Summer University, invites us to think about the transmission of Yiddish culture in France, in other European countries and in Canada.
Tickets: 5 €. Members: 3 €.

Tuesaday July 21 at 8:00pm
Conference illustrated by songs, in Yiddish and French
Treasures of Yiddish Music
by Nadia Déhan-Rotschild

Theme: Songs of the New York Yiddish theatre
Tickets: 5 €. Members: 3 €.

Wednesday July 22 at 2:00pm
Documentary movie
A gilgl fun a nign
France / 2006 / color/ 48 mn/ Yiddish with English sub-titles
Recording of the play based on a short story by Yitskhok Leybush Peretz, staged by the Luft-Teater, with Rafael Goldwaser.
Tickets: 6 €. Members: 4 €.

Wednesday July 22 at 8:00pm
Documentary movie
Itshe Goldberg : a century of Yiddish literature
by Josh Waletzky, USA / 2006 / color/ 83 mn/ Yiddish with English sub-titles
Itshe Goldberg (1904 - 2006) arrived to North America in 1920. He was strongly engaged in the pro-Soviet literary circles. He was a privileged witness of a century of the Yiddish literary life.
Tickets: 6 €. Members: 4 €.

Tuesday July 28 at 8pm
Der purim-shpiler
by Joseph Green, USA / 1937 / B&W/ 90 mn / Yiddish with English sub-titles
A comedian wanders from shtetel to shtetel and falls in love with a shoemakers daughter in a little town of Galicia. 
Tickets: 6 €. Members: 4 €.

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